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Best Free Autoresponder: How to Get Started on Mailerlite

Walkthrough on How to Setup Mailerlite

MailerLite? Chances are you’ve never heard of them. That’s because there’s a lot of hype and a lot of ad money in the email service world.

I stumbled on to them via a recommendation in a FB Group Board and I’ll never go back to the big names.

Check them out for free and use this Step by Step walk through toget started.

Please follow this step-by-step instructions on setting up your first automated series using MailerLite.

Step 1: Click Sign Up for Free Button

Step 2: Then Fill the Information Below

Step 3: Type the Company

Step 4: Type Your Email Address

Step 5: Type Your Desired Password

Step 6: Click Create Account

Step 7: You will be Directed to the Welcome Page

Step 8: Complete Your Profile

Step 9: Don’t forget to read MailerLite Anti-Spam Policy

Step 10: Click I have read MailerLite Anti-Spam Policy and agree

Step 11: Then it will Direct You to Mailerlite Welcome Page

Step 12: Once you Have Registered they will need to verify your Website

Step 13: Note: You must have a hosted website for this

Step 14: Verify Your Website Domain by Entering your Website Address

Step 15: Check Your Email Address if You Received the Confirmation

Step 16: Once You Done it Will Direct You to the Dashboard

Basic Steps to Setting up a Simple Autoresponder Sequence

Step 1: Create Your First Workflow

In MailerLite, click on Automation at the top of the screen, then click on “Create Your First Workflow,” as  illustrated below…

Step 2: Give your workflow a name and select a list

On the right of your screen, give your workflow a name and select a list. (You will most likely be using  something like “My Blog” as this is the list that is joined with your blog Capture Form.)

After completing those options, click the Save button.


Step 3: Your screen should look like the image below, and yes you want to hit the “+” sign now

Step 4: Design Your Email

Step 5: Turn On Your Automation

Step 6: Add Delay

To add additional emails, you will go back to your workflow and turn it off. Then, click the plus sign below  your first email. Make sure you add a delay of at least 1 to 2 days between each email. Then, use the steps  above to add and edit your email content. I like to use between 5-7 emails in a series spread over a period  of 1-2 weeks.

Congratulations, you have just completed your first automation in MailerLite. When a visitor to your blog fills out your Lead Capture Form, they will automatically be added to the list you selected and receive the first email in your series. I like to call this the “Welcome Email.”


MailerLite is the perfect place to start building your list. My advice? Stop shopping around and thinking about it and just do it

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