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Hey New Blogger, Stop Worrying About SEO (and quit blogging altogether)

I remember it well.

When I started looking into blogging, it was like a whole new world was revealed.

A magical world of unicorns and fairies and dragons and. . . penguins and whatever.

I was told the keys to the kingdom were mine for the taking, you just had to figure out the magic formula: SEO. Figure out SEO and floods of traffic would come to your blog for FREE!

I was sold.

I spent hours poring over the Google Keyword Planner and more hours agonizing over software I wanted to buy (but didn’t have the money) to do magical fairy dust keyword research for me.

As a result of my hours of keyword research,  I wrote such engaging pieces of content like: “Music Too Loud for Baby” or “Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy.”

As you can guess, all my articles sounded stupid. I didn’t want to mess up my SEO so I would keep these awkward long tail phrases in my title.

Even if something would have ranked, no one would have clicked on it because it sounded so stupid.

And that’s what people forget.

Ranking isn’t winning.

Just because you rank, doesn’t mean people will click. If people don’t click, nothing happens. No visitors, no readers, no customers. Just a bunch of articles with stupid, unreadable titles.

Even worse? I wasted soooooo many hours looking for those magical long tail keywords that gave me those awful titles. If I would have spent that time writing interesting articles that people would at least maybe want to read.

I’m not saying “just write man, Google will provide if you write great content.”

I’m not saying that because that is BS. Maybe they will, but they probably won’t. You read from the experts and the gurus that you have to write amazing content to get ranked and that Google is holding each piece of content on the web to a high content microscope.


Have you used the Google lately in your day to day life? You still get a lot of crap when you are looking for simple answers to simple questions. The best content does not always win. Who knows how it works, and really, who cares.

The point is don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out.

But. . .

You do need to cover a few technical bases. And you can do that in about 60 seconds.

And it’s free.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and install Yoast SEO. Activate it. Done.

It’s not going to get you to rank like magic, but it will do a lot of basic things that you used to have to pay people money to do.

Still want to feel more in control? That’s ok, you can do that. The plugin will give you all sorts of suggestions and tweeks for your content. You can go nuts and do them all. Or you can ignore them.

Didn’t You Say Something About Quitting Blogging Earlier?

Yes, I did! That is option number 2, and perhaps the best option.

Chances are, you never wanted a blog anyway. You wanted to make some extra money without getting out of your pajama pants and leaving your house. Maybe at first you thought you had a lot to say, but then the first 2 to 6 blog posts should have cured you of that.

What you want is a business. A business that uses the power of the internet to make you money.

To do that, you don’t need SEO and you don’t even need a blog.

Want to learn more? Check out these two resources:

A book: DotCom Secrets. (free plus shipping) Revolutionized my understanding of blogging and online business

A resource: Affiliorama. A good place to learn about affiliate marketing and focus on marketing, not blogging.

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