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This is Why You Use Mobile for Your Pinterest Business Account

I hardly ever use my desktop computer when using my Pinterest Business account. That includes designing pins. I don’t think you should either. Want to know why?

Pinterest Business on Desktop

If you use Pinterest to promote your business, you might notice that a lot of the tips and instructions always show how to do things from the desktop.

Most of the walkthroughs and tutorials all show you desktop.

That’s probably because most people work on their Pinterest business accounts from their desktops in the course of their usual business day. And why not? If you’ve tried to do a lot of business from your phone as a computer, you know that eyestrain and neck pain are real.

Don’t believe me? Go write a 1000 word blog post on your notepad app. . . or worse in WordPress in a browser, ugh!

So why torture yourself and do all your Pinterest marketing on mobile? I’ll tell you. . .

Here’s Why You Should Do Your Pinterest Business Work on Mobile

Simple. Around 80% of Pinterest traffic is on mobile.

Get it?

So much of Pinterest is visual. When you create pins or do anything with your Pinterest account on desktop, you have no idea how it is translating to your audience.

You need to see your profile and your pins “in the wild.”

Ever had that graphic that you thought looked great and then saw it on mobile? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Why Design Pins on Mobile?

You should also design all your pins on mobile. What about PhotoShop, Adobe and whatever other high powered graphic design software you have?

It’s great to have, but until you  see your pin on Pinterest on an actual mobile device you have no idea how it is translating. Plus, you can do a lot of amazing things with free iOS apps these days.

I’ve found when I design on mobile, things are big and bold. That small subtitle you design on desktop is unreadable on people’s phones.

If you’re designing on mobile, you are more likely to design something that looks awesome on mobile.

What Should You Do on Pinterest Desktop?

Of course, there are some things you have to do on the desktop. Stay away from setting up Pinterest ads on mobile if you don’t want to go crazy. While the Pinterest app is pretty awesome, the browser version can be a little wonky at best, although it has improved recently.

Same with analytics. If you want to view your data and download those csv reports, be sure to be on desktop. Download what you say? Check out this post here.


Pinterest is visual so how your published pins and profiles look is so important. 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile, so you need to see what your audience sees.

Think I’m crazy? You’re not the first! Drop me a comment below, we always love to hear from you.  

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