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Here’s How to Get Landing Page Inspiration with These AB Testing Tools

You need a great landing page to make in the world of digital marketing. It doesn’t matter if your generating leads or making sales, you need landing page inspiration to blow the doors off. That’s where you need AB testing tools to take your landing page to the next level.

Buy Now vs. Free Trial Which One Works Better?

If you’ve ever wondered the answer to that question, you need to be AB testing. (If you want to know the answer, check out this book.)

Should you be using a bridge page? How about one little tweak that can mean a 26% percent increase in revenue?

You’re missing out if your not split testing. So let’s get started.

What is AB Testing?

AB testing, or split testing, is the process of testing conversion rates by sending traffic to multiple versions of a sales page or squeeze page.  This can be done manually, or it can be automated with software.  The important thing is to have a very good tracking system in place.

But to be realistic, with the state of the web and the variety of tools available, you need to be automating your split testing. This sounds crazy, but you can’t trust your gut. Real AB testing is the only thing that will give you real data.

What Should You Split Test


Just not all at once. You have to AB test things one at a time, otherwise you will never know th reason for the change.

You should test at least two versions of your headline all times, at least two different price points, and at least two different calls to action.

You might also test multiple versions of your sales copy, different graphics on your sales page, and even different product names.

Why Would You Want to Do All That AB Testing?

To get results. With one warning, if your offer doesn’t match your market, all the split testing in the world won’t help.

Split testing is a way to tweak a page for the best possible conversions.

Very few people achieve maximum conversion rates for the first version of their sales letter.  And minor changes can have a huge impact on your conversions! A 1% change in conversation may not sound significant, but it’s not so small if you think of it in terms of dollars instead of percentages.

If you have a 1% conversion rate and you make a total if $3,000 off of 10,000 visitors, that seems pretty decent, right?  But what if you doubled your conversion rate to 2%?  Then you would have made $6,000 off of the same 10,000 visitors!

I don’t know about you, but an increase from $3,000 to $6,000 seems like a pretty decent change! Some people do their split testing manually.  In this case, you simply have at least two different versions of your sales letter, and you send the same amount of traffic to each version.

Ideally, the traffic will come from the same source, because different sources of traffic can have wildly different conversion rates.  For example, traffic from Google AdWords might perform better or worse than traffic from Microsoft adCenter.

Warning! When Split Testing Be Sure You Have a Large Enough Sample Size

You will then look at your conversion rate for the two versions to decide which one performed better. It’s important to send a decent amount of traffic to each version before deciding which version is the true winner.

One hundred hits will probably not be enough to provide statistically valid data.  You should probably send at least 1,000 hits to each version before you make your decision. This is one reason why people feel they don’t need to split test their sales letters.

It can be costly to drive traffic during the testing phase.  If you send 1,000 hits to each version at a cost of $0.50 per click, that is $500 per version, for a total of $1,000.  That might seem like a lot, but you should make some money off of that testing if either of your sales pages is any good.

Even a 0.5% increase could mean an additional $1,500 in your pocket in the earlier example, so it really pays to test. Remember to track very carefully.  Use an analytics program like Google Analytics if you can.

This way you can track where your traffic is coming from, where it goes, and how well it performs on your site.  Analytics is free, and it can help you track a lot of very important information, so you can test conversions more easily than ever before.

Here’s Why You Should Check Out AB Testing Tools

Because your time is valuable. Split testing can be very time consuming and tracking the data can be overwhelming.

Some split testing tools do all of this work for you, automatically rotating your files and tracking the conversions for you. You simply log in, tweak something new, and sit back to see how much better (or worse) it affects sales.

Time is your most precious asset as an entrepreneur and you need to spend it wisely. If you want something super easy and not techie, check out Clickfunnels. (Get a 14 day free trial by clicking here.)

If you are a little bit bigger and want something a little more complex, check out Infusionsoft.(Click here to get a free demo).

Either way, follow these steps:

  1. Get an automated AB Testing Tool
  2. Get landing page inspiration and create a variation.
  3. AB test
  4. Get enough hits to analyze the data.
  5. Tweak and repeat.

Want to Take Your Split Testing to Another Level?

All this thinking of variables can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, we can help you out with that. Get a free copy of DotCom Secrets Lab book 108 Proven Split Test Winners. It will help you get started and save you a lot of time and headaches.

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