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7 Reasons You Should Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting

To guarantee the online success of a business in the current business and technological setting, one has to juggle with several things. In the end, this success will be a product of several factors like advertising, social media, hosting, marketing and content creation among others.

Trying out all these tools can be overwhelming and stressful. Many businesses are turning to managed WordPress hosting service and doing away with the small VPS or shared host. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose a managed WordPress host:


Managed WordPress hosting always comes with good and superior support. Providers of managed WordPress hosting mainly deal with WordPress platform. This implies that they can’t mess with Drupal, Magento, Cpanel or any other type of software or platform. Support teams that concentrate to one area are more likely to become experts in the area. With an experienced and dedicated support team, you get all your questions answered promptly and accurately.


Sites with fast speed rank high in search engines and are able to quickly and effectively convert traffic into revenue. Fasts sites offer better user experiences to visitors with translate into happier and more engaged visitors. There are several factors that slow down the speed of sites. Managed WordPress hosts are able to put these factors into constant check as well as making periodical optimization improvements.


With increasing levels of online threats, you need to maintain security of personal details. There are several robots which are always crawling the internet looking for website that they can break into for their own nefarious purposes. They are always looking for passwords, plugins, themes and core codes. Managed WordPress hosts have enhanced security features and are in charge of hardening WordPress as well as looking for new threats on your behalf. Additionally, in case of hacking, some of them help in fixing the problem and restori8ng the website back.


Many websites fail or crush when they are at optimal performance. The high traffic always overwhelm the servers and the sites crushes. This can be frustrating considering the efforts and resources invested in making the site popular. Managed WordPress hosts help in automatically scaling the traffic on the site hence serving thousands of visitors

Nightly Backups

One of the pressing issues that site owners grapple with is how to back up their sites. A managed WordPress host covers this aspect. They help in backing up the website every night.

Automatic Updates

Managed WordPress hosting help in updating the website to the current version. This ensures that you are always secure and up to date.

Global reach

Providers of managed WordPress hosting have a big infrastructure which is designed for global reach. This helps in placing your site very close to your customers and visitors.



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