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Why You Don’t Want 60,000 Pageviews a Week (You Want This Instead)



Eyeballs. . . visitors. . . users. . . sessions.

Sure, everybody that starts a blog wants people to read it. But when the reality sets in that NOBODY is reading, bloggers get obsessed about traffic.

They become like that little creepy guy in the Lord of the Rings. . . “my precious.”

When you start a blog it’s frustrating AF. Everything is hard and nobody comes. Plus, you’re spending all of this time and effort and you are not making one cent.

(Except for that golden day when you got your first Adsense Click for .02.)

Traffic and pageviews become this magical silver bullet in the mind of every blogger. If you could just get traffic, everything would change.

At least that’s what I thought. I was Tony from Scarface, “First you get the website, then you get the traffic, then you get the money. . .”

Or Homer Simpson . . .

Turns out I was wrong. Really wrong.

My First Viral Pin

I was trudging along on my fifth blog after four absolute failures and getting a few pageviews here and there. I had just started trying Pinterest out and I was starting to see actual pageviews. I’m not talking decent traffic, I’m talking just a few pageviews.

Then it hit out of nowhere.

I went from 40 pageviews a day to 5,000 overnight. And it kept climbing.

Eventually it topped out over 15,000, which is small compared to real viral pins, but for me it was amazing.

Finally! Traffic!

I couldn’t wait to check out my affiliate account pages to see the thousands and thousands of dollars that had collected.


Nothing was selling.

You Need a Business Plan Beyond Being a Blogger

I’m not talking about the long formal things they teach you about in school or the SBA. I’m talking about at a very basic level an idea of how you will use your blog or website as a tool to make money.

Your blog is not your business.

You might be saying, I don’t want a business, I just want to make a few extra bucks on the internet. Here’s the deal. Absent fraud or some other illegal activity, if you want to make a few dollars on the internet, you need to exchange something of value for money.

Selling lemonade on the corner? That’s a business idea.

Creating a blog where I write about somewhat related things and hope that people give me money? Not a business.

If you just want to sell advertising on your page, that’s still a business. Your “thing of value” is the potential attention of your readers. The problem is, to make money at that business, you need A LOT (did I say A LOT? Yes A LOT) of traffic.

So What Do You Do Next?

Think about what you are doing.

Two simple questions:
1) What can I exchange for dollars?
2) How can I use the internet help me do that?

Forget about SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Keywords, blah, blah, blah.

You don’t need 60,000 visitors a day. You don’t need that plugin you heard about on the podcast you listened to yesterday.

You just need to know what you are exchanging for dollars.

If you’re like me, when you ask that question, you might hear crickets (nothing, nothing, . . .)

In that case, the answer is affiliate marketing.

It might not be your long term destination, but it is an excellent place to get started. The more time you sit around trying to think of the “perfect” business idea, the more likely it is that nothing will ever happen.

Take (FREE) Action Now to Change Your Blog

If you really want to change how you think about your blog or website, read DotCom Secrets. I was skeptical, but the book totally blew my mind as far as how I was approaching my blog and website. The best thing is that you can get it free for plus shipping for a limited time through this link here.

Free you say? Yeah right. What’s the catch?

The catch is you do have to pay shipping and they will try to upsell you on some additional products when you check out, but you don’t have to buy anything else to get the free book.

Some of the upsells are useful, but you’re not obligated. Plus, as you’re going through the checkout process, look at it as a learning experience. Think about your website and products you sell. Is this something you should be doing. . .

Anyway, I digress. If you’re interested in the affiliate marketing piece, be sure to download our free No Idea Business Starter Guide. Also, check out Affiliorama’s free program here. Or you can read more about that program. Just Click HERE.

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